I use this picture only because it has the byline on it, Eminem Responds.

You see, it seems to me that he does a lot of this, becoming angry at things that some would let go.  Sometimes I think he’s in the rap game a bit too deep.

But, you do have to respect someone who is that passionate about the things they do and with all of the name-dropping, calling-out and yelling he does, it would think passion is the fluid which pumps through his heart.

One of the biggest and most widely known example of this I could find was him, D!2, and the rest of the rappers that circle around him versus Robert ‘Benzino’ Scott (ex co-owner of the hip-hop magazine The Source).  Once Benzino downed the efforts in Eminem’s peice ‘The Marshal Mathers LP’ and then gave his groups more props and magazine space, Eminem and crew ripped him a new one until Mr. Scott stepped down from his position.

Now tell me.  How can a twenty-something white male come from the streets of Missouri (his birth state), claim a game that wasn’t ready for him yet, and make a business man (term applied loosely) to step down from his position using only words alone?

Oh wait.  I’m in America.  Crap like that happens all the time here.

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