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    Damion Suomi


If you don’t know who Damion Suomi is, then you haven’t been listening to the good shit.  And of course I’m not talking the shit on the radio.  That shit is for losers.

I’m talking shit you got from a friend who you don’t really talk to all that much so every once in while you guys hook up and he gives you a CD and just gives you that look that says, “This shit right here?  This shit is the shit.”  That’s the good shit… uh, music.

And that’s what Damion Suomi is.  The good shit.  Now, this is a slower song so don’t judge him by that.  Google him if you must, but I assure you… this man is music gold.

He’s just this guy, you know?  He used to teach the word of God and then realized he had more in common with his guitar than his youth group.  I’m paraphrasing horribly, but that’s because I’m focusing on the song, not the keyboard.

You should do the same.  I’ll leave you to it.

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